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Not my favorite but a good moisturizer.


Beautiful Perfume!

This such a gorgeous smelling scent! This company definitely gets it right, I’m in love!

Just wow! This is a lovely feminine fragrance. I wasn’t sure how lychee smelled but so glad I took a chance! You have a customer for life!

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This smells crazy good! I have so many vanilla fragrances and I have to say this one is one of my favorites. The scent lingers and it’s just beautiful! Better than a lot of my more expensive bottles.

Awesome! Thank you for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!

This gotta be the yummiest perfume I’ve purchased in a long time! Gorgeous scent and it lasts all day. I get so many compliments when I wear it.

This perfume smells SO GOOD! It’s so sweet and fruity and the smell lasts so long~ You can really smell all the notes, it’s perfect! It came with a ‘peach please’ sample and I already know these two scents are gonna be my go to for a long while 🩷 Amazing! 🫶🏼

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Yummy banana candy. Scent remains well on clothes.

I loved the aroma, it smells great and the aroma lasts for hours unlike other brands that only last a moment.

Thank you for once again sending a great product

Mom loved it great seller

I needed a pineapple perfume to go with my pineapple body butter and pineapple oil I purchased two from another retailer that just wasn't cutting it but That Smell Good hasn't ever failed me I have three other fragrances from That Smell Good and I get compliments every time I wear them. My doctor said I always smell like bubble gum 😁

Once again I am so pleased with my order both of my fragrances smell amazing

I am not sure that I like the smell of this perfume but I will have to revisit it in a month

Smells delightful. I highly recommend.

I'm in love with the 4Ever and Watermelon Lemonade, super sweet and fruity fragrance. They have some kinks to workout with customer service. But I'm so happy with my order and will be buying more fragrances

Great value for the amount of product, but it doesn't really smell like cotton candy at all. I did really like the hard candy sample they sent though.

Almost perfectly the flavor of fake banana candy. It's just a tiny bit WET smelling, like your clothes aren't ever going to dry, but that might just be my skin.

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I don't really care for the initial vanilla, bakery smell but after a minute or two the smell is really nice. Really warm and sensual, sweet .. vanilla like scent. Will use this to layer with my fruity perfume.

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Red Delicious is the best body wash I’ve ever used!

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Overall, I am obsessed with this company. I have not been disappointed in a single product. Hard Candy smells like opening a bag of life savers. So good.

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Sooo gorgeous! Only way I can describe it is, it smells expensive! Received this as a birthday gift and got so many compliments. Definitely one I’d wear to feel sexy and command attention. I need the bundle asap!

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Just wow! This is such a beautiful fragrance! Buying the body butter as we speak.

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This one is my new Fave! It smells like a dream! It’s Cherry done right, not overpowering like some others I’ve tried. Definitely a sexy fragrance, can’t wait to get this in the body butter as well.

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I love this body butter. I also used it on my Boyfriend. He loves the smell and so do I. I can’t get enough. I will order again. Just one bit of feedback. I love the colors on the IG page, so had an expectation that the jar would have a colorful label. Maybe that could be considered. But I overall love the product.

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