Why We Don’t Use Color in Our Products… (A Trend We’re NOT Hopping On)

Why We Don’t Use Color in Our Products… (A Trend We’re NOT Hopping On)

Color is everywhere! In 2022 we’re finding color in our Food, Cosmetics, Beauty Products & pretty much anything you can put your hands on. With color all around us, why is it that we choose not to use them in our products? 🤔 

What is Mica in Our Cosmetics?

Mica as we know it is the beautiful, shimmery goodness you see in almost all of our cosmetics and skincare. It’s what gives these products its color and shimmer effects.   

Aside from providing brightness and sparkle in our cosmetics such as eye shadows, highlighters, bronzer and blushes, it is also used in car paints, sunscreens, in our decorative items, the construction industry, and even in the electronic and electrical industries thanks to its thermal and electrical insulating characteristics.

Although Mica shines in the cosmetics industry because of its popularity, it has a dark side that is hard to hide. From ethical and human health issues to negative environmental consequences, this mineral is not as bright as you think.

Is Mica Safe For Skin?

Since Mica is a mineral, it may contain small amounts of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, or mercury, however several studies have shown that the amount of Mica used in our cosmetics isn’t toxic or harmful.

Although Mica is safe for most skin types, even if you use mica containing products on a daily basis, it can be toxic if inhaled. Several Tests have concluded that Mica can cause cancer in animals and in humans, it can even cause pulmonary fibrosis if significant amounts of Mica dust are inhaled.

If this isn’t enough to raise concern about Mica and Colorants used in our cosmetics, you should see the effects and risks it imposes on our environment when mining for this precious mineral. The unethical practices surrounding child labor, long work hours and long term health risks is enough to make anyone question our practices.

Why Don’t We Use It?

Aside from the possible health risks, unethical practices of mining and chid labor, we just don’t want it in our products! It’s well known that Mica in our skincare stains your skin, clothes, tub and almost everything it touches.

We know its beautiful and exciting to look at, but outside of that it really has no benefit to you. At That Smell Good, we can’t justify using this product just for the sake of making a product look more attractive or eye catching.

With our products, you get all of the skin loving benefits without any of the worry. We strive for a cleaner, more natural approach to our skincare. Any color that you may see in our photos is for that purpose only! Rest assured that your product will arrive Fresh, Pristine & White! Free of any irritants, Mica or synthetic ingredients.

We Will Continue to make a Product We Are Proud of!

Quench that thirsty skin with one of our Decadent Body Butters and Luxurious Scrubs.

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